Celebration Kit

We have prepared a series of HKUST-themed digital assets for you to spice up your social media platforms in celebration of your graduation. Feel free to download them and share the joy with your friends and beloved!

Don’t forget to tag #hkustgrad2022 to share your happy moments with fellow graduates of the Class of 2022.


Class of 2022 - AR Filters

Real Time

Piazza & Sundial

Shaw Auditorium


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The AR filters are also available in Facebook, click here and start shooting



WhatsApp/Signal/WeChat Stickers

Check out our specially designed stickers for WhatsApp/Signal stickers!

To download the WhatsApp/Signal stickers to your mobile device, visit https://whatsticker.online/p/63512352h2Rkc/HK/zh

To download the WeChat stickers to your mobile device, please scan below,




*The designs of the stickers are based on the original characters created by Ms. Vanessa LEUNG, winner of the HKUST WhatsApp Stickers Design Competition 2020.