Update on Campus Access Policy & Important Reminders about Registration

Dear Graduates,


The Congregation 2022 is just one month away!  As you prepare for the occasion, we hope to take this chance to share a few reminders and updates with you as follows:


1. Important Reminders about Registration

Since seats are limited in the Main Hall of Shaw Auditorium, you are highly encouraged to release your ticket(s) if you/ your guest(s) are no longer able to attend the ceremony so that we can fully utilize the available seats in the venue.  To amend your requests after registration, please login to Graduation Services System (GSS) again before 11:59pm, November 9 and click “Edit Attendance”.  Your kind cooperation will be much appreciated.

And if you are planning to join us but have yet to register, please sign up ASAP via the system above.  For more details, please refer to the official invitation email we sent to you in late Sep*.

(*or in mid-Oct for some late batches of graduates)


2. Update on Campus Access

Following the new campus access policy announced by the University yesterday (Oct 26), please take note to the following updates regarding campus access during the Congregation period:

  1. i. Since the “Open Campus” policy would apply to all dates of Congregation (i.e. Nov 26, Dec 1 – 3 and 5), graduates and guests will no longer need any campus access ticket* to enter the campus.  However, due to seating capacity of the venue, the quota for ceremony tickets remain as two per graduate.  The Vaccine Pass requirements are still applicable, please refer to details here.

    (*You may simply request no campus access tickets when you register on the GSS.)

  2. ii. Originally, graduates are asked to pre-register guests on non-event days during the designated period between Nov 19 and Dec 18 for photo-taking on campus.  But given the new policy, pre-registration would NOT be needed on the days when the campus is open (i.e. weekends between Nov 5 and Nov 27, and all days starting from Dec 1).  One point to note is that, the “HKUST Information Day for Undergraduate Admissions” will take place on Nov 5 (Sat), so you are suggested to avoid that particular day due to the expectedly heavy traffic on campus.
  3. iii. The parking arrangements for Congregation remain unchanged: there will be no parking spaces available on weekdays due to regular campus traffic.  On weekends, a small number of campus parking spaces will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis for those registering via Graduation Services System (GSS).  Hourly parking for the general public will be suspended on the Congregation days.


3.  Professional Photo Service

Professional photographers will be arranged to capture the moments of graduates presented on stage for those who attend the ceremony physically.  Digital copies of the photos will be shared with you by session after the event.  More details will come through in due course.


4. Celebration Kit

A series of HKUST-themed Instagram AR Filters and Stickers for you to spice up your social media platforms will be available for download on Congregation website starting near the Congregation.  Stay tuned!


5. Graduation Souvenirs

For those who wish to purchase graduation souvenirs to commemorate this big day of your life, please check out the unique HKUST items on the “Graduation Gifts” page and pick your favorites now.


Thank you very much.  Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us at congregation@ust.hk


Best regards,

The Congregation Organizing Team