Event Schedule

The 28th Congregation (2020) of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will be held in 16 sessions on Nov 21, 22 and 28, 2020.


The Virtual Congregation will be broadcasted through multiple platforms including the HKUST Video Channel, YouTube and Tencent Live Video Broadcasting (LVB) at the scheduled time. Please click the button of your preferred platform for the session you are attending. 



Day 1
Nov 21, 2020 (Sat)

School of Humanities & Social Science

Session 1 10:00am All degrees

School of Science

Session 2 11:30am Dept of Life Science
Session 3 1:00pm Dept of Mathematics 
Session 4 2:30pm Dept of Chemistry, Ocean Science, and Physics

Interdisciplinary Programs

Session 5 4:00pm All degrees (including BSc in RMBI)

 1Graduates of Dual Degree Programs will be presented in SENG/ SSCI and SBM sessions respectively

Day 2
Nov 22, 2020 (Sun)

School of Engineering

Session 6 10:00am Dept of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Session 7 11:00am Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Session 8 12:30pm Dept of Computer Science and Engineering
Session 9 2:00pm Dept of Electronic and Computer Engineering
(including BEng in CPEG)
Session 10 3:30pm Dept of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics & 
Division of Integrative Systems and Design
Session 11 4:30pm Dept of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Day 3
Nov 28, 2020 (Sat)

School of Business & Management

Session 12 10:00am MSc in ECON, FA, GFIN and IM
Session 13 11:30am PhD, MPhil, MBA and EMBA2
Session 14 1:00pm MSC in ACCT, BA, FinTech, GO, IMT and ISM
Session 15 2:30pm BBA/BSc with first major in ACCT, ECON, ECOF, FINA, GBM and QFIN
Session 16 4:00pm BBA/BSc with first major in GBUS, IS, OM, MARK, MGMT and WBB

2Except Kellogg-HKUST EMBA




Recipients of the 2020 Academic Achievement Medal