Collection Method

Collection Method

The degree diploma together with a free copy of academic transcript will be ready for collection around one month after the degree is conferred. When the diploma package is ready, a notification with the collection details will be sent to graduates by email.  

** For degrees to be conferred on 15 November 2023, the diploma package will be ready for collection from 17 November 2023 onwards. **



1. In Person or By Representative



Collection Arrangements

Outside the Congregation Days

Please refer to ARO website for the details on collection outside the Congregation Days.

On the Congregation Days

Graduates may collect the diploma and free transcript from Academic Registry on the congregation days in person/by representative.  


An appointment must be scheduled in advance via the Appointment System within the stated booking period.   Walk-in collection will not be entertained.


Documents Required

In Person

1. Your identification document (HKUST card, HKID card, or Passport)

2. Alumni eCard or Email sent to you by ARO on Diploma Collection

By Representative

1. Completed printout of Authorization Form

2. A copy of your identification document

3. Identification document of your representative

4. Email sent to you by ARO on Diploma Collection


2. By Post


  • Graduates may request the documents to be sent by registered mail or courier by submitting an online request. The package for the degrees conferred in November will only be sent out after the Congregation days.

  • Due to the large volume of delivery requests, the total turnaround time (including office processing and post office / courier delivery) may take more than one month. Graduates are strongly recommended to collect the diploma package in person or by representative on the Congregation days. Urgent delivery requests cannot be entertained.


Important Notes

  • The degree diploma is an IMPORTANT DOCUMENT FOR THE CERTIFICATION OF YOUR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT and only one set is issued to each graduate. This document should be kept in a safe place after collection.

  • Before collecting the documents, you should SETTLE ALL FEES (e.g. tuition fee, medical insurance fee, library fines, etc.) and RETURN ALL BELONGINGS (e.g. PRS handset, etc) owed to the University. AT LEAST FIVE WORKING DAYS should be allowed for the clearance procedure.

  • Enquiry on diploma package collection: