How to Wear Your Academic Regalia

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Proper Attire

The Congregation is a solemn event. Graduates and guests are reminded to dress properly at the ceremony.


While all graduates are required to attend the ceremony in proper academic regalia, all participants (both graduates and guests) are reminded to observe a reasonable standard of dress that are appropriate for the ceremony, and shall not wear any garment likely to cause offence (or disturbance) to others. Please exercise discretion and good sense, and be conscious about legal framework in place that may be relevant to the occasion.


Recommended outfits for your reference:
(Graduates are recommended to wear shirts with front button for fastening the hood string.)

Proper attire


Place your tassel so that it hangs on the left side of your face.


Put on the cap with base lining without a seam at the front, the other side with the seam at the back.

Cap Front
Cap Back

Gown Wearing Demo Video

You could also watch the HKUST Graduation Gown Wearing Demo video as reference.