Order and Delivery

Order and Delivery Regalia Information How to Wear Your Academic Regalia Return of Regalia

For graduates who wish to rent academic regalia, you are required to complete the online reservation procedures at the website of the vendor, i.e. Victoria Uniform.

Instructions detailed by the vendor should be followed.

Please refer to regalia information for the correct color for each school.

A. Details of the Vendor

Company Name: Victoria Uniform
Phone No.: 3118 4396 or 3105 5009

E-mail: info@victoriauniform.com
Website: http://www.victoriauniform.com

B. Academic Regalia Rental Procedures

  1. Complete the online academic regalia reservation procedures at the website of Victoria Uniform.
  2. You are required to input a specific code when performing online academic regalia rental. The code will be provided in the invitation letter of the congregation (i.e. UST2020UG for UG; UST2020PG for PG; UST2020PhD for PhD; UST2020UG2D for dual degree).
  3. Select the collection date & outlet in the reservation form. Prince Edward, Fortress Hill, Kowloon City, Choi Hung, Sha Tin, Tai Po & Tuen Mun Ming Kam outlets are opened for HKUST’s graduates. PhD graduates should go to 3 designated outlets (namely Prince Edward, North Point & Kowloon City).
  4. Print out the academic regalia rental form in dual copies (one form will then be kept by yourself and the other will be kept by the vendor for record).
  5. Collection at outlets of Victoria Uniform
    1. Collect the academic regalia only at your selected outlet on the collection date indicated by you on the online booking system.
    2. Present the academic regalia rental form in dual copies.
    3. Present the 'Invitation letter” (electronic version is also acceptable in case the graduate cannot produce the printout) to vendor to ensure that you collect the correct set of gowns.
    4. Fitting and checking.
    5. Sign the academic regalia rental form, pay the rental fee and deposit in CASH (in HK Dollars) only.
    6. Courier delivery of academic regalia.
    7. Graduates are given additional options to:
      • have the academic regalia delivered to their office at selected business areas,residential area, SF stores and SF lockers are also acceptable. Extra delivery surcharges will be charged subject to SF Express notification for definition of remote areas and oversea address. 
      • pick up the academic regalia at designated redemption centres or lockers.
      • Payment is required to be made (including the courier service fee, academic regalia rental fee, and the deposit) prior to the delivery. For details, please refer to the website of Victoria Uniform.
    8. After register online, please email info@victoriaunifor.com payment proof (payment amount includes rental fee, deposit and delivery charges) match with online register order number and personal details in order to consider a complete order.
    9. Third party can help collect the academic regalia, but he/she have to confirm the exact regalia degree model for hood 
      and size of both mortarboard and gown needed. Please bring along two hard copies of the academic regalia rental forms, as change of size and model are not allowed for all rented items. 

C. Schedule of Online booking & rental period

Online Booking Period: From September 17 to November 29, 2020
Academic Regalia Collection Period: From September 18 to November 30, 2020
Academic Regalia Rental period: 74 calendar days, counting from the date of collection

D. Payment Arrangement

  1. Pay the rental fee and deposit in CASH in Hong Kong Dollars. All other methods of payment (e.g. by credit card or cheque) and currencies, other than Hong Kong dollars, will not be accepted.
  2. Deposit will be refunded upon return of academic regalia, after deduction of fines for damages or extension fees, if any, in cash in Hong Kong Dollars only on the spot when you return the academic regalia to the vendor. Collection and refund of deposit will be subject to the policy of the vendor and be dealt directly between the company and the graduates. Deposit fee is same as the gown purchase price (depending on the level of awards).

E. Fees (HK$)

Award Rental fee/ set
(for 74 days)
Extension fee/ set (for 7 days) Deposit/ set
(same for purchase price)
Price for each item
PhD $200 $200 $1,700
$1,200 (Gown) $220 (Hood) $200 (Cap) $80 (Tassel)
Postgraduate / Undergraduate $140 $140 $800*
$400 (Gown) $190 (Hood) $190 (Cap) $20 (Tassel)

*Deposit for Dual Degree Program graduates is $990 (including the additional hood)


Important Notes

  • Extension fee, if any, will be deducted from the deposit.
  • For the extension fee, if it is less than 7 days, it will be counted as a 7-day charge, and the maximum extension fee will be limited to the amount of deposit.
  • The first rental period is on a 74-day basis, counting from the date of academic regalia collection.
  • The academic regalia are also available for purchase at the outlets of the vendor.
  • You are strongly advised to use the service on Sundays as longer queuing time will be needed on weekday evenings.